Spongefork [8.25.08]
Download Spongefork 3.3.4 (requires Mac OS 10.4+, Java 1.5)

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* MIDI CONTROL: Spongefork can now be controlled by external MIDI controllers or through the IAC (inter-application communication) MIDI bus (Mac OS 10.3 and higher). This addition opens up so many new possibilities of ways to use SF in performance, the studio, or by adding automation via applications such as Midifork 2, Max or other sequencers. SF 2.4 is bundled with Midifork 2 which enables a simple way to drive SF or any other MIDI device with tempo based events, modal sequences, additional xy controllers, envelope-based parameter automation, and more. (see screenshot of SF and MF together)

Any slider, frequency, filter, or patch change can be set via the new MIDI preference panel :

Control numbers are easily assigned by either entering the number or by pressing the learn button and moving a controller on your device. Spongefork will automatically grab the assigned number from the event. This makes it extremely easy to set up SF to use your existing MIDI device setup even if you don't know what your controls are set to. In addition to control events, SF can also respond to note on, pitch bend, channel pressure, and patch change. Each of these events are also easily assignable to different SF functions such as modulation depth, filter cutoff, X or Y frequency, and changing SF patches.