Spongefork [8.25.08]
Download Spongefork 3.3.4 (requires Mac OS 10.4+, Java 1.5)

Purchase License ($50 USD). The demo version is fully featured and doesn't expire, however you can't save your work. Buying a license will unlock these features.

Spongefork 1, 2, 3: OS9 and legacy PPC builds

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:: Description
Spongefork is a complete softsynth, sampler, live improvisation instrument, and soundfile processing application. SF's oscillators and interface are controllable via an unique XY based modulation controller, your computer keyboard, by external pitch tracking, or by MIDI input. The original SF, released in April of 1999, was one of the first applications made specifically for gesturally controlled electronic improvisation. This sense of surprise and unpredictability is one of the virtues and unique attributes of Spongefork. Whether you are searching for raw material for your compositions, improvising with live musicians, or looking for a simple way to organize and perform your live sets, SF is still one of the most interesting software based instruments available today. Here's a quick introduction written by Dan Kibke.

:: 3.3.4
- Compatibility update for Midifork 2.7 integration

:: 3.3.3
- Fixed, wasn't listening in midi omni mode

:: 3.3.2
- Fixed problem on OS 10.4 where midi input preference might not be saved
- Fixed problem in Audio Device preferences due to the "Link" option. Link has been removed and separate input and outputs are supported.
- Improved support of external audio hardware devices

:: 3.3.1
- Fixed bug in auto update check if network isn't available

:: 3.3.0
- Compatibility Update for Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) and Java 1.5
- Fixed MIDI control. This had been broken by a change in OS 10.4.8 and higher
- Fixed broken key commands
- Added auto update check
- UI improvements
- Audio engine improvements and bug fixes

:: 3.2.2
- fixed broken key commands in version 3.2.0
- key commands are now global and won't be stolen by UI components such as combo boxes
- changed to use Java 1.4+ (now uses Cocoa for rendering rather than Carbon)
- fixed various UI glitches related to running the wrong version of java - especially evident on newer intel macs
- fixed loading problem when Spongefork.app was named to something different
- fixed not copying default presets and playlists on first launch (3.2.1)

:: 3.2.0

- Universal Binary
- Fixes for intel macs
- Removed the trial period, however saving is still disabled without a license

:: 3.1.3
- Now supports full channel count for audio devices with more than 8 channels
- Fixed switching channels for the Loop Sampler inputs when changed in the preferences
- Fixes a problem when a preference file has been corrupted
- Fixes a potential startup problem
- Changed MIDI device preferences to be stored by ID rather than name

:: 3.1.0

5 Loop Samplers
The right side of the interface now includes 5 Loop Samplers which can sample internal audio from Spongefork or record directly from the sound input device. The purpose of these units is to allow you to sample yourself and create loops of audio that you can continue to improvise over or resample. The loop samplers have monophonic buffers with variable sampling rate playback. (pitch can be altered during playback) Mono samples can be raised 1 octave and both mono and stereo can be slowed down. Currently stereo samples loaded from the library can't be raised in pitch - only lowered. After you have audio in the sampler, you can also reload it back into the OSC/MOD or save it to file. You can set the start and end loop points by clicking / option clicking in the meter area. These loop points will be used when the sampler content is re-loaded into the OSC/MOD or saved to a new file.

New Master Volume Slider and Panic button

Now under the vu meters there is a master gain slider controlling all SF output. The panic button will stop anything active: the OSC, any file in the library, or any playing sampler.

Other Enhancements
Larger waveform display, higher contrast text, improved interface response, code optimizations, and bug fixes

:: NEW in version 3.0

Pitch Tracking from input or soundfile
Synth/Sample pitches can be controlled by monitoring the frequency of live input or of other soundfiles.

Live Input Processing
You can now process real-time input sources in the oscillator or as a modulator.

SoundFile Stream Processing
You can now stream process soundfiles directly from the library bypassing the need to load the sample into ram. It is now possible to use very large soundfiles as an oscillator or modulator.

5 stage multitap delay processor
Full featured Mult-Tap delay module.

Playlist Manager
Organize and rapidly switch between different saved playlists. A sample playlist plus a few RF samples are included with the 3.0 download.

Snap back memory for the XY

Expanded MIDI control
any component can be controlled via midi, now including full control over library sample triggering/selection

Centralized rollover help
All components immediately display a description

+ also many interface enhancements, bug fixes, and general usability improvements...