Spongefork [8.25.08]
Download Spongefork 3.3.4 (requires Mac OS 10.4+, Java 1.5)

Purchase License ($50 USD). The demo version is fully featured and doesn't expire, however you can't save your work. Buying a license will unlock these features.

Spongefork 1, 2, 3: OS9 and legacy PPC builds

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:: Features

Wave/Sample table oscillators

sine, triangle, saw, square, pulse, noise, or samples. optional volume normalization. waves/samples can be played in forward or reverse. table can be "scrambled" (rearranged randomly).

FM synthesis

waveforms and samples can be modulated together. controls for frequency range, modulation depth, modulation rate, and frequency smoothing glide.


low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop, peaking eq, low shelf, and high shelf. frequency cutoff, smoothing glide, Q, slope, gain, and peak gain control

5 stage multitap delay processor
Full featured Mult-Tap delay module.

Loop Samplers
5 samplers that allow you to easily loop record SF output or capture audio from the input device

Pitch Tracking from input or soundfile
synth/sample pitches can be controlled by monitoring the frequency of live input or of other soundfiles.

Live Input Processing
process real-time input sources in the oscillator or as a modulator.

SoundFile Stream Processing
stream process soundfiles directly from the library bypassing the need to load the sample into ram. It is now possible to use very large soundfiles as an oscillator or modulator.

MIDI control
all components can be controlled by external MIDI events. supports any Core Midi enabled device or via the IAC application bus. Control # preference is easily assignable.

XY control
can be via mouse with this unique modulation/frequency controller. pitches can be locked to even temperment (in tune) or be free.

Keyboard control
play your computer keyboard like a synth.

ADSR envelope editors

amplitude envelope editors for the oscillator and the modulator.

Savable patches

interface settings can be saved as presets.

Output monitor
dynamic stereo waveform display monitor. VU meters. cpu usage.

Sound file management
WAVE or AIFF supported. play, loop, or load file into oscillator. unlimited length scrolling list of files. drag and drop from the finder. can load single files or entire directories of sound files. custom playlists can be saved.

Playlist Manager
organize and rapidly switch between different saved sample playlists

Capture output to disk
this control captures any output coming out of Spongefork to file.

Core Audio device support

supports any audio device with core audio drivers.

Centralized rollover help
All components immediately display a description