[08.28.04] Pitch Follower, pt 2
[08.26.04] SF + Soundflower
[08.26.04] Pitch Follower, pt 1
[04.08.04] Intro to Spongefork


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:: Spongefork 3 docs
:: Spongefork 1 docs

You may contact us at hello AT spongefork DOT com if you have any support issues or questions. If you have any problem at all with running Spongefork, please email us. Be sure to include your system info and what audio hardware you are using.

[08.25.04] Spongefork products (SF, midifork etc) may not be compatible with some Application Enhancer modules created by Unsanity or products that use their libraries. If you are experiencing crashes and are using any of these products, remove Spongefork from thier applications list or uninstall them before using Spongefork..