[8.25.08] Spongefork 3.3.4
[8.25.08] Midifork 2.7.0

Spongefork : software for creative sound production - or something...

I haven't had time in the last number of years to work on Spongefork, but I'm rekindling an interest in developing it again. While I know the current releases are way out of date, I may yet redesign everything from the ground up for the current era.
-Ryan Francesconi, June 2016

:: Spongefork 3 : Spongefork is a complete softsynth, sampler, live improvisation instrument, and soundfile processing application. SF's oscillators and interface are controllable via an unique XY based modulation controller, your computer keyboard, by external pitch tracking, or by MIDI input. The original SF, released in April of 1999, was one of the first applications made specifically for gesturally controlled electronic improvisation. This sense of surprise and unpredictability is one of the virtues and unique attributes of Spongefork. Whether you are searching for raw material for your compositions, improvising with live musicians, or looking for a simple way to organize and perform your live sets, SF is still one of the most interesting software based instruments available today. Here's a quick introduction written by Dan Kibke.

:: Midifork 2 : Midifork is software MIDI controller which supports a variety of output options. MF is a tool for sending various sequences, envelope data, and controller messages out any connected MIDI device or directly to other applications. While Midifork 2 was originally designed to be an extension to Spongefork's interface through the IAC bus, its use doesn't end there. By using MIDI events as the protocol for communication, MF is capable of driving any other device or application as well. Midifork is potentially the simplest and most intuitive way to automate MIDI controller information and other professional audio applications on Mac OS X.

:: Spongefork v1 : Originally written on Mac OS 7, SF1 was awarded first prize in the Synthesis Software/Real-Time Processing with Gestural Control and Interactivity category of the 1999 International Musical Software Competition held in Bourges, France. SF1 was one of the first applications to allow computer musicians to improvise and interact in live performances. SF1 is freeware and only available for Mac OS 8/9.