Midifork [8.25.08]
Download Midifork 2.7.0 (requires Mac OS 10.4+, Java 1.5)

:: screen shot

:: License
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:: Description:
Midifork is software MIDI controller which supports a variety of output options. MF is a tool for sending various sequences, envelope data, and controller messages out any connected MIDI device or directly to other applications. While Midifork 2 was originally designed to be an extension to Spongefork's interface through the IAC bus, its use doesn't end there. By using MIDI events as the protocol for communication, MF is capable of driving any other device or application as well. Midifork is potentially the simplest and most intuitive way to automate MIDI controller information and other professional audio applications on Mac OS X.

:: New in 2.7
* Compatibility update for OS 10.4.8+

:: New in 2.6
* Universal Binary

:: New in 2.5
* Control message loop editors
12 additional control message envelope generators with individual channels and customizable labels - see interface screen shot.

* Other Improvements
more key commands, new buttons, 1 additional XY group, bug fixes, improved stability, and more. See the help file included with the download for information on these new features.

:: Features

MIDI controller

drive any connected CoreMidi device.

Plays well with others

automate any MIDI controllable audio application such as Spongefork or Ableton Live

XY controllers

MIDI messages can be sent via gestural mouse control.

Envelope based loop editors

flexible interface for assigning various MIDI messages to envelope breakpoint editors allowing interesting loops of data to be created and overlapped with each other.

Savable patches

interface settings can be saved as presets.