Spongefork 1.07 (2.13.02)
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SF1 is only available for Mac OS 9. Like the old Mac OS, SF1 is not longer being developed. It is provided here as an unsupported freeware download only. For OS X support please download the current version of Spongefork.

:: license
* freeware

:: requirements
* Mac OS 8/9

:: features
* dual wave table oscillators that can be loaded with waveforms or samples that can be mixed or fm modulated.
* sample triggering of aiffs and snd resource banks via keyboard or mouse.
* sample manipulations : pitch, volume, and fm.
* live sound capture into wave tables and aiff playlist for immediate processing.

Spongefork 1 was created with an intent to create a self-contained software instrument capable of responding to gestural control while requiring a minimum of hardware components. It is an instrument designed for live performance. Because of this, all sound is triggered from either the mouse or keyboard requiring no other gear. SF1 is built around dual wave table oscillators (oscillators are based on pitchfork by Tom Erbe) controlled by mouse dragging in a pitch window allowing you to manipulate waveforms or samples, use frequency modulation, and trigger samples simultaneously. SF1 can also load a bank of sound resources (up to 64 samples within a file) and map them to keys or the pitch window as well being able to play files from the disk. It is also possible to record direct into the wave tables or into the playlist allowing real time audio capture.